Saturday, February 15, 2014

Upcoming Adventures!

Sure, I am not going to be on this season's Amazing Race, but I'd say that I still got some exciting adventures planned for 2014 and 2015!  A bicycle this year, and my feet, next year!

This Summer, I want to use my bicycle again and ride locally so I can save more money for the adventure below this.  I am planning to either ride to Prince Rupert or ride from Prince Rupert to home.  I would take the Via Rail in the other direction.  If any of my rider friends are interested in joining me, send me an email!
I am also hoping to help out with Tour De Jasper again.

I want to save big time for next year's adventure.  I am planning to hike the Inca Trail with Gap Adventures. I want to do more then just that if I am going that far, hence saving more money. (Although Egypt is another one of those places I want to go, but not sure about it at this time)

I have a writer friend who is familiar with the trails in Bolivia, so that is one option.  There's so many places to visit like Ecuador, Columbia... got to keep saving!  And having no car and using a bicycle and feet for transportation is a great way to save! 

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