Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowshoeing with the Ramblers - Willow River to the Wildlife Lookout‏

After having a week full of storms on my holidays, it was refreshing to see the sun come out on the Sunday snowshoe trip with the Caledonia Ramblers.  It was their first snowshoe trip of 2014!  The trip was a half an hour out of town which is not too bad considering road conditions.  I want to go snowshoeing further that way, but the roads have been terrible so it's not safe to go too far right now.
Anyways, we drove out to the wildlife lookout and left our cars there.  Nowell shuttled all of us to Willow River, the starting point of the trip

After the vehicle shuffle, we were all excited to start snowshoeing!
Some of us started on the trail early to keep warm while people were still being ferried over to Willow River.  We slowly meandered along the trail so that we wouldn't get too far ahead of the others.  I even had time for some fun!

Soon, the group was mostly together, although I learned a little later that some people had already started ahead of us.
It was truly a wonderful winterland out there!  The sun was peaking out behind us and it made me so happy to see it.  The lighting was just incredible.

Soon, we made it to a frozen lake.  As it has been so warm, I wasn't sure if the lake would be totally frozen or not.

We stopped and had lunch on the lake.  It was nice outside and we relaxed for almost 1/2 hour without getting to cold.

Then, we continued on.  We had to cross 2 creeks, and Nowell, the leader, wasn't too sure if they were were safe to cross.  On the first one we encountered, we had to walk along it for a bit to find a safe place to cross.  No problems with that one.  The second one was not safe as it wasn't fully frozen over.  We eventually snowshoed to the highway and crossed over on the culvert.

Yeh!  We crossed creek #1
Creek #2
Soon, we were at the Wildlife viewing parking lot.  After a bit of shuffling, we were all on our way home after another fun day out with the Ramblers!

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