Saturday, December 4, 2010

Full Winter riding

I am not biking as much as I do from Spring to Fall, but I am still taking out the bike once a week, even though it has no studs on the tires.  I walk to work as it's not that far away and I don't have to worry about finding a spot for it so it gives me a break.  My spot at work is hard to get to sometimes as hallway gets full of stock!  There has been some good riding days though

But since I find it easier to shop or carry big packages with the bike, I have been using it on the weekends to do my errands.  The shopping mall is near here so I don't have to bike very far.  Last weekend I carried a parcel on it to mail and pick up some photos, so using bicycle save me much time!

Today I picked up some groceries and despite fresh snow, it was easy riding for me.  I can purchase more then what I can purchase with just my daypack, so I took advantage of it and stocked up on some bulkier items.  I might go back and get mailing stuff for items that I want to send out for xmas...

As you can see, Winter is in full swing now, we have tons more snow then last year.  Which will be great if I can get myself to take my snowshoes out and use them!  Beautiful day today to do that...

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  1. We're fortunate where I am right now as we haven't seen any snow this year (I swear the only place in the entire world).

    I'm sort of looking forward to it though when it finally does come.



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