Sunday, December 5, 2010

Perfect Winter Day

It's 3pm and the sun is setting.

I'd rather ride my bike then snowshoe.  I could have taken out my snowshoes, but I decided to take out my bike again as it was such a nice day!  That's what I am finding this Winter.  But heh, if I REALLY love to bike, even in the Winter, over anything else, then so be it!  On days like this, it's nice to be out and about on my bike.  I didn't even feel cold although it's -13 c  (8.5 f).  The sun really warms things up.

I first biked to the mall to use a gift card that I got from work.  I got a good deal on a toaster oven so I bought one, and a few dvds.  I live alone so using a 6 slice toaster oven to cook my food makes much more sense then using an oven.  And I can store it away when I am not using it.  I strapped it on the back basket using my bunjee cords.  I walked it home, although I could have biked safely.  I biked a little when I was on the side streets.
My new deluxe Toaster Oven for a steal!

After bringing toaster oven home I decided to go for a little ride down the path that is near me that I use lots in Summer.  It has been cleared, so it was easy riding on it.  What a lovely afternoon to go for a quick ride, before the sun sets.  There are ducks here that someone has left food for so they won't go hungry.  What a lovely day!  Cheered me right up, much better then staying home.  I love Winters!
Path is cleared, perfect for walking or biking.

Ducks are well fed.  I should leave them some food.


  1. Showshoeing is hard work... and there's no coasting involved unlike a bike or skis

  2. Snowshoeing, up hills and in mountains is particularily beautiful and a serious workout. Of course, one could be on the flats with a headwind for some real fitness work also.

    Today I felt minor victory to have cycled to grocery store and back ...but with alot less snow here in Calgary. However it was -15C. A few days ago, it was -27C. Kudos to you to cycle in that amount of snow.

    Also am @



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