Sunday, December 26, 2010

Owner of Pink beater bike

Well, after much considering, I decided to go hunt for a Winter Beater bike.  I was that close to getting one a while back, but it was stolen from the person.

A customer who comes where I work had one that she has not used much since she bought it 2 yrs ago.  It's not an expensive bike by any means, but as money has been tight (saving for future trip to Egypt and I want to buy some good German bike bags and a bike trailer later this year) I couldn't get myself to buy a new bike at this time only to have it destroyed by the salt on the roads. I thought I'd check it out.

She lives in a funeral home and it turns out I remember her Mom and her Mom remembered me from way back when I worked at another restaurant in the early 90's.  Small world!

Chain is rusted out, but cassette/cogset is rust free.

I looked at the bike and it was in decent shape.  I could tell it was hardly used, no dirt to speak of, anywhere including the spokes on the wheels.  The chain is rusted out and there are small patches of rust on the front chain ring, but I think the chain ring rust can be cleaned off.  I am not sure about the chain?  Is it worth to salvage or better to get another one?  I could learn how to remove and put on a new chain.  Everything else is not worn, ie brakes look like they have never been used.  I imagine the bike might have been stored outside at one point or at a damp place which is why the chain rusted.

I hope I made the right choice, bike seems to fit me ok, not too tall.  Similar frame size to my Rocky Mtn.  I'll have to outfit it with fenders/rack, and eventually, studded tires.  This is a start though.  I still wouldn't mind getting a better bike suited for Winter later on, but this the best I could come up for now for the little budget room that I currently have.

Dec 27 Update:  I am trying to justify to myself and others why I bought a cheaper bike for Winter.  I don't know if I need to.  At the very least it gives me a chance to learn about bike maintenance.  I have never changed a chain before, so I am using this opportunity to learn how.  I bought a chain and chain tool today.  I don't know...mixed feelings about it.  I know it will probably be a use and toss bike.  Although I could salvage the wheels and other parts to eventually get a 'beater' bike built by person at local bike shop who specializes in building bikes perfect for Winter use, with used parts.  The rims/tires look like new.

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