Monday, December 27, 2010

Learning something new

Today I bought a SRAM chain, a chain tool, and some thicker lube (so I can prevent getting frozen chain links like I had on my Rocky Mtn.)

Easy to use chain tool to move the pin out.  But not all the way!

This is the first time that I've ever changed a chain!  What I found for taking it off, it was so easy!  Why have I never tried it before?

I've measured it against the new chain.  I am pretty sure the chain hardly has been used despite being so rusty, so I am not worried about chain stretch.  The new chain is about 2 chain links too big compared to the one from the bike, as I expected.  I've have read that they are usually that way so that they can accommodate different bikes.  How do I remove the links on a SRAM chain?  I know on ordinary chains you just use chain tool to remove pins, do I do that the same with a SRAM chain?   That easy?  It looks like I'd have to have it slightly bigger to accommodate the 2 powerlinks.  I might just take both chains to shop and get them to shorten..and show me.  I don't want to wreck the chain on the first try, although I do know not to remove pins all the way.  Mind you, must I completely remove both the pin and links from the section I want removed?

New chain is a link or so too big.  Need to remove slack.

Yeh, I might take to shop..they said they'd help if I had any questions.  But I've already learned something new today!  I think it was worth getting this cheap bike...not so scared to play with it.  And I suppose with possibly doing a long distance tour this Summer, a chain link tool and knowledge is good to take on it.


  1. Those sram power links are very handy. Also, as a side note, I once had a chain in use so long that it stretched the equivalent of six links... I wish I were kidding but I am not!

  2. Hats off to you!! I am not so adventurous and admire your courage. I am contemplating a handlebar switch - but am unsure of doing it on my own. I am comfortable putting on bike bells - if that counts!

  3. I think having a cheaper bike to work on makes it easier although I will say removing chain is easy..and as long as I remember how to put it through stuff in the back, it'll be good. Just got to go to shop now to get chain shortened.

    Chain tool is good to have and cheap enough, although according to reviews on MEC, not good to get ones under $10.



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