Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birchleg Fun

Top door was used when snow was high.
**Updated March 10th.  I've finally posted Nowell's awesome trip report, it explains where the name 'Birchleg' came from...quite interesting!  Anyways, go to to view the trip report and to view a ton more photos taken by me and Nowell.

This past Sunday, six of us went snowshoeing on the Birchleg trail by Huble Farm.  There was a Son's of Norway Ski Event going on at the same time, but they welcomed us to join them.  We started at Huble Farm, which is an old homestead.  We snowshoed for 9 kms, which took us about 5 hours.  A few of the people on our snowshoe trip were able to bail out half way.  The rest of use did the whole route one way.  (The skiers rode both ways)

Those crazy Norwegians!
The snow was sticky so it was very hard breaking trail.  But as soon as the skiers were finished, we walked the rest of the way on their tracks which made it easier to snowshoe.
 We tried to stay off the ski-tracks until they were finished

Sun tries to peek through.

Hot dogs and a fire were waiting for us at the end!

I'll be posting the leader's trip report and more photos at the Caledonia Ramblers site this weekend. I will post a link to it here.

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