Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Click-Stand

I received the Click-Stand for Big Red on Thursday.  It was custom made for the Rocky Mountain by a guy in Washington State.

After a delay of arriving (package was given out to the wrong person by the Post Office!), I was very excited to receive it.  When I first opened it up, it looked so small!  I thought perhaps that I had measured the distance from the top tube to the ground incorrectly.  I raced home to try it on my bike, and found that it fit good. I had measured correctly.  Whew!

The Click-Stand fits my bike correctly
 Today, I took out Big Red for a ride again as the weather is Spring Like.  I wanted to try out the Click-Stand and also get my Brooks seat adjusted at the Ruckus Bike Shop.  I had them adjust the nose slight up on the seat as I was feeling like I was constantly slipping off the seat.  I may still have to get that adjusted a slight bit down now, but just slightly.

Fat Foot
I showed the lady at Ruckus the Click-stand, and she thought it was cool!  When I was taking it outside, I tried it out and it takes a bit of getting used to using it. If the ground is soft, like the carpet inside the hallways of my apartment, it does't work as good.  To help if I have to use it on dirt, I bought a Fat Foot attachment which you put on bottom of the stand so it works better in soft dirt and doesn't tip over.  But for now, I won't put it on as Tom, the owner of Click-Stand says it only lasts for 3 months of steady use.
Brake-Bands are engaged to keep bike from moving

Brake-Bands are not in the way when not being used.
You've got to put the Brake-Bands on first to keep the bike from moving, that's VERY important! Then you attach the Click-Stand under the top bar by the seat bar.  Well, not really attach, just lay the top bar into the cradle.  When you are finished with it, you just fold it up and put it into a handlebar bag or attach it to the bike with a special bracket you can also buy.  I just opted to put it in my bag.

I like that it folds up so small!  The Brake-Bands are not in the way when you disengage them, you just slide them out of the way.  You can get 4, 5, and 6 piece fold up.   The six piece one folds up even smaller then the five piece which I have.  The Four piece is good to put in panniers.  My 5 piece one sure folds up small!
I have the 5 piece Click-Stand Max
I'm ready for Spring, I don't feel like snowshoeing this weekend as it's too warm! I will maybe go for another ride.. I will take Big Red the Rocky Mountain, back to the Ruckus Bike Shop next weekend for a major overhaul- she needs a new drive-train which is totally worth it for her. Then she'll be good to go for the upcoming biking season (not that I ever stopped biking this Winter).

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