Saturday, March 31, 2012

Critical Mass- The Community Garden Tour Edition

Despite still being under the weather with a cold last night, I joined the first Critical Mass of 2012.

It started off Sunny and fairly warm for a March afternoon.  There was a total of six of use participating, so it wasn't a very big group.  But to have that many people come at the beginning of the season is pretty good for here!

We rode around town for a while.  While riding by an apartment that had a fire last Winter, we decided to check out the damage.  People still can't move back into it.  It's a cheap place to stay, not that I'd live there.  There's a serious shortage of affordable housing here.  This is a slum apartment, and the owners haven't treated the tenants affected by the fire very well.  It has been shut down due to Asbestos and is taking quite a long time to be repaired.
After looking at the place, we were on the search for a community garden.  We had looked at one near this apartment which I really like.  If I wasn't so lazy on the gardening side of things, I'd buy a plot.

We searched for this special garden that was somewhere on Queensway.  We stopped by the REAPS place to find out where this big garden was.  It was on a farm in the middle of the city!  Eventually, we found the farm road and went down and found the Queensway Garden.  Many organizations like Aim-hi, and the Brain Injured Group have a plot here. I've never seen this one before, and it's quite big!  It's also weird having a farm with livestock in the City. I've always known that there was one here while I was growing up in the 1970's, but I finally got to see it!
It was a wonderful day for a ride, despite the hailstorm that we had.  I was quite chilled afterwards and had a nice cup of hot tea when I came home.  It feels good to be out and about again.  I am slowly shaking this cold that I have, it's been lingering for a few weeks.  I have more energy now then yesterday.

One last special note, thanks goes out to Adrian who has been organizing this past year's Critical Masses. I've offered to take it over for him.  Thanks for keeping it going Adrian. I'll do my best to keep it going also as it's a good thing!
Adrian helped keep the Critical Mass alive

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