Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring's Deceptions

The Official day of Spring doesn't actually apply to Canada.   Winter is back.  Well, it's not cold and the snow is not staying on the road.  But it is still snow!

I got to test out the Outdoor Research gloves that I got on sale at Atmosphere, and I will say that they are not waterproof!  The conditions today were like the conditions I encountered while biking up Bow Pass last July, snowy, wet, and miserable.  I only had half-gloves, so my hands were cold. Today, I had full gloves, but they still started getting wet by the time I reached home after work.

I will take the advice that Bunny (Jim) gave me last Summer and buy some kayak gloves.  I am not sure if I will need them riding the Oregon Coast, but I'm sure it'll be cool when the fog is out.

Despite the fresh snow, I biked to the post box this afternoon

The weather made me so tired and confused this morning, that I walked out the door without my helmet! I had my headband on which sort of feels like the helmet is on, so I didn't think anything of it.  By the time that I realized that I WASN'T wearing the helmet, it was too far to turn around.   (in my mind anyways, it really was only a block or two)  Thankfully I got no bad looks from drivers being helmet-less.  I swear that I wear it 99.9% of the time I want to tell them.

My lucky helmet stayed dry all day!
I promise that I won't forget the helmet tomorrow.

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  1. On the rare occasion I forget my helmet I really enjoy the breeze and am tempted to ditch it more often. Sadly (or perhaps thankfully) I always give in to the carefuller side.

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