Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Critical Mass- the beginnings of Spring

The last Friday of the Month had arrived and it was time for another Critical Mass.  I took over Adrian's job of advertising it on Facebook.  I was so happy to see a few riders show up!  It was still cool outside and rain was threatening us.  A total of 8 attended, so it was not too bad a turnout.  I am sure that we will get more when it warms up.  One person just missed the ride, so I was kind of sad, but I'll make sure she knows about the next one when it comes up.

This bike will be touring in Europe this Summer
This guy has over 30 bikes!  This bike was made in 1937.
We had a good ride around town.  We ended up biking through Fort George Park.

Afterwards a few of us decided to stop at Nancy-O's.   I always love stopping here for dinner as it's bike friendly.  Well, ok, there are no bike racks outside, but there always seems to be plenty of bikes around. I enjoyed a Pulled Pork burger some some local beer.  This is becoming sort of a local Critical Mass tradition, going there afterwards.

Flowery bike

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