Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Bike and Geocache

Squirrel just likes to monkey around
Spring must be here, as Geocaching and biking has returned!  I met up with my geocaching friends Peter and Melanie for an afternoon of Geocaching around the city on Sunday.

I had some nice views while riding to meet up with my friends.

I met up with my friends at the local Railway Museum.  Would you believe that I've never been in there?  I really should check it out this Summer.

It was a nice warm day and I didn't dress so heavily.  I am glad I didn't.  This is the first riding day of the season that I didn't need to wear my gloves and I could get away with a lighter jacket.
Yeh!  I found the first cache of the day
After  I found the first cache, we biked through Cottonwood park and found some caches there.  It was hard for me and my bike not to get dirty as the trail was muddy.  On some sections, there still was snow!
I got so dirty!
I found a few today that my friends had trouble finding.  I feel so proud! I am not competitive usually, but geocaching makes me sort of...
Snow is still on river but melting fast!
I got to climb a tree that I climbed before.  That was cool.  I got some very good photos today of me in the tree.
Tree Hugger
Sadly, my long weekend is coming to an end.....where did it go?  (I work Monday)   Oh well, on to the next adventure!

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