Saturday, April 21, 2012

Presentation and a party.... Friday night fun!

Friday night was a night of adventure.  First, I had to do a slideshow presention about my Bicycle trip in the Summer of 2011.

I had an awesome presentation! I used to hate public speaking, but the Caledonia Ramblers has taught me a lot of confidence. They are so supportive! I can now lead a hike, be on the Executive (for 8 yrs!), and do a slide show presentation. I love them! And it doesn't matter what walk of life that they come from, we are all equals.

They are already talking about next year's slide show, and I haven't even done the trip yet.

Afterwards, I went to a friend's going away party.  I feel sad that he's leaving, but at the same time I understand...  I know him from Critical Mass and the local bike club. I've taken over for himon the Facebook advertising for the Critical Mass and I feel so honoured.  The theme for the night?  German Sparkle Party.

Here's where the theme came from

I stayed up pretty late considering how early I must wake up every morning during the week, but this was worth it and I had lots of fun!

I was happy to see a few bikes parked outside besides mine.  I don't often see this when I go out, so this was good to see.
Here's hoping I can a good group of Critical Mass riders this year as there certainly enough bicyclists out there now.

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