Monday, April 30, 2012

Go West : Biking and Geocaching

Another weekend has come and it's time to geocache again, with Melanie and Peter.  I've wanted to do it on previous weekends, but have been too busy.

It was originally supposed to be a nice sunny day, but instead it was clouded over.  We were also originally going to ride out on Highway 16 East to Tabor Lake, but Peter noticed that a lot of the geocaches that we were going to look for, were not active or had been moved.  So he scrapped that idea, and decided that we'd be geocaching on Highway 16 West.  I was out getting food for the day and I didn't notice the change of plans.  My cellphone was off at the time, so that didn't help.

Bike Path goes through cemetary

I had to rush home to quick thaw a samosa that I had bought and there I picked up his message.  I quickly uploaded the new coordinates and off I went.  Just down the way while going up a hill, I noticed that I hadn't brought my GPS! Darn! I had to turn around, go home, and ride back up the hill.  And you wonder how I keep in shape!
Going up a hill into College Heights
Almost made it to the top, a little more to go on right.
We found a few that day. There was one cache that we thought was by a highway, but it turned out that it wasn't anywhere near there.  Hard to not be spotted by muggles on that one!

I found a few that my friends had trouble finding.  In turn, they helped me find one in a place that I have searched for at least 5 times!  It was much more obvious this time round...but happy that I finally found it!
Coming back down into town, I noticed this speed sign that flashed every time someone was speeding down the hill.  I wonder if it was just a warning flash or a camera?

All in all, it was another great day to cache! There was also the first Rambler's hike to choose from, but this looked like more fun!  We must have biked around 20 kms today, which is pretty good.  Can't wait until we geocache again.

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