Monday, April 23, 2012

Riding to the races

Fraser River hardly has any snow flowing down on it anymore
On Saturday, when a scheduled item cancelled at last moment, I made the spontaneous decision to go for a good bike ride.  The local bike club was hosting it's first bike race of the season on the outskirts of town. I kind of figured that I probably missed the action of them taking off and that they would be riding somewhere not where I would be.   I had already missed the group shot at 11am  (for the 2012 Bike to Work Week Poster)

Biking same route out of town as on Tour De Jasper

I still thought perhaps I could see some racing action.  Unfortunately, as I predicted,  the race was 50kms long, they weren't around when I arrived at Pineview School.  So I continued on to town.  I rode 25 kms that day!  I did bump into a few other cycling club members while riding. 

I had no problems going up the hills, so the daily ride to work during the Winter did help.  But I sure felt it in my legs that night.
As I had no groceries, I stocked up on energy for riding that day
I think that I just needed an excuse to go for a nice ride on a nice day.  Not that I really needed one.   I even got to wear my biking shirts for the first time this season!  Let the training begin?

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  1. I always feel the difference when I switch from my commuter bike to my road bike - especially when I start doing longer distances in the spring. But I think the daily commute helps keep up my fitness - I just don't have the time to do 2-3 hours on the bike every day otherwise, but I do get in a good hour to/from work.



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