Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quest for flowers

Today on Sunday it is a lot nicer then yesterday. It may only be 4 degrees warmer, but the Sun makes it seem so much warmer.  I just had to go out for a ride with Baxter even though I must work on posting the Rambler's 2012 Hiking Schedule.

Inspired by others that have seen Tulips, I set out on a quest to find flowers.

River still had ice on it only one week ago

Now only chunks of ice flow down the river
Things definitely have changed, the snow is melting fast.  But the ground is still brown.  Well, there are patches of green lawn now, but that's it.  I biked all around Fort George Park and Cottonwood Island.  Lots of people were out again enjoying the balmy weather.  Someone was in the Fraser River with their ATV and pontoons on each side. I've never seen that before? How can an ATV even be in the deeper water?  Interesting.

ATV in water with pontoons on the sides
Back at Fort George Park, I did spot some flowers.  I believe these are a type of Lily.  Friends of mine who I  bumped into said that they have Crocuses in bloom also.
Trees are still bare, although I have seen some with beginnings of leaves

Type of Lily?  Update : These are Snowdrops
I get so jealous of those down south who have leaves and blossoms on trees, never mind Tulips.  Oh well, they will come within the next few weeks.

*Update* the flowers are Snowdrops.   Thanks for the info, Melanie!

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  1. Carolyn, Those are snowdrops.:) :) It's way too early for lillies of any kind to be blooming. Last weekend I saw crocuses blooming on the corner of Patricia Boulevard and Dominion on the south side of the building, ice rink I think.



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