Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prince George Cycling Club Bottle Drive

This year the Prince George Cycling club held it's second annual bottle drive.  The monies raised from it help support programs in the club like Sprockids, and other neat stuff.  I've only recently become involved with the club as I see how much they've done for the cycling community.

People came by with bags of bottles for us to sort

Despite it being cold and windy, I came out to help sort the bottles.  I also brought whatever amount of bottles could fit in my bike panniers.
Filled my pannier up with empties
I can't remember how much they raised last year, but I know that it was well over $1000!  Besides sorting, I also went with someone to a few houses to pick up more bags of bottles to sort.

Sorted containers

When we returned to the CN parking lot where the bottles were being sorted, there were more people helping out.  I had to leave early as I thought I had to meet up with some friends regarding Warmshowers, but when I arrived home and looked at my schedule, I realized that wasn't happening until next Saturday!  Darn! I would have stayed longer to help out on bottle drive, although I admit that I was a little cold because I didn't wear a heavier jacket.  I really craved a nice hot cup of tea!  I was there for a few hours though, so that's not too bad.

I think that this a great way to raise funds for a club, and I will be there next year to help out again.

On a side note, while helping out there was some CF-18 action today.  One Canadian Fighter jet was buzzing the City and went over us a few times.  I was wondering what it was about until it hit the news- Fly boy has come home to visit parents.

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