Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ancient Forest Snowshoe - Feb 13 Part I

It's this deep.  ;) ;) :)  Just kidding!
14 of us joined Nowell on the snowshoe to the Ancient Forest.  I've been many times to there in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but never in Winter.  What a great time we had.  Check out all the snow!  Here's some of the awesome photos that me and Nowell took  More to come.. It's so hard to choose photos, but I hope you enjoy the views.  Heh, after seeing the photo of the outhouse, maybe the snow in the above picture was REALLY that deep!
Singing the Outhouse Blues.  And really digging myself!
I wonder how much snow the Outhouse Roof can hold.

I was going to 'dig out' my Grand Canyon of the Fraser geocache that I hid last November, but after seeing how much snow had fallen out here, I figured that the hidden geocache wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.
The snow is deep, it was up to to my hips in parts.
It was easier snowshoeing if you were at the end of the group as there would be a nice packed trail created by them.  Breaking snow was hard.  I have a photo of someone breaking some snow at the front of the pack that I'll post in Part II (or III!)  While snowshoeing, we would sometimes hear and feel the snow rumbling below our feet, like an avalanche.  But not, just the snow settling below us, we weren't in avalanche vicinity.

Snow covered Cedar

Welcome to the Snowforest.

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