Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PG Transit Drivers are the best!

I thought that I would share another amazing story today.

It was a cold brisk day today, but I decided to walk to work anyways.  There was very strong Northern winds that would have made bicycling challenging (-35c WITH Windchill). While I was walking to work, a transit bus pulled over and the driver motioned me to board it. I took the driver up on his offer and hopped aboard.  As I was sitting down, I mentioned that I had a bus ticket on me that I use when I feel like taking it home, usually after work.  He said there was no need to pull it out.  Wow! This is not the only time that I've been offered a ride in time of need.

What is the coldest temperature that you've bike in? Or you have walked in?

I might take bus tomorrow, as it's supposed go down to -42 or so WITH Windchill, a bit cold to be on bike, at least for me.

I love living in PG, it's a decent sized city with not bad transit, but the people are so friendly like they are living in a small town.  Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?

I am still wondering where Spring is.


  1. Hooray for bus drivers! When it gets super cold here, the E-town drivers are supposed to stop and pick up people wherever they may be, and express buses become local, but not all drivers follow the policy.

    I remember biking one night last winter and finding out after I got home that Edmonton was the second coldest (inhabited) place on earth that day, with the windchill below -50. The wind happened to be at my back for that ride home, though, so it didn't feel like my coldest ride. If I'd seen the weather report first, I wouldn't have braved the ride.

  2. Nice of the transit driver. I stopped taking the bus after I was asked to pay for a new fare or get off, simply because my transfer expired by 1 minute...
    I thought they were good for a few hours, not only a few minutes.

    Coldest I've biked in would be around -37c (with a windchill). I believe it was last January. Cold doesn't really bother or stop me. Although my hands get extremely cold which is annoying.

  3. I remember the days when it was -70C WITH windchill. Brrrr., don't miss it! And I WALKED in that, insane! It got old fast. And yes, it REALLY got that cold.

    I will either take the bus or take a cab to work...I took a cab home with co-worker yesterday...feel like paying my share today as she paid yesterday.



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