Monday, February 21, 2011

What a difference a few days make!

Streets are cleared and it's good riding.
What a difference a few days make!  It's still sunny out, but much warmer!  I didn't end up going snowshowing, but it looks like I missed a great snowshoe trip.  Oh well, what can you do?  I was a bit under the weather and it was -20C, a little too cold for me even though it warmed up to -10C later on.  I hope that I get a chance to snowshoe the Slim Creek Provincial Park sometime in the future.

I took out my bicycle again to pick up my glasses.  This time the brakes worked fine, the temperature sure makes a difference on how smooth everything works.  I wore my Canadian gloves which stand right out against the white snow.

I picked up my 2 pairs of glasses.  It's funny that they are very similar to the pair I broke.  I wish I would have been a bit more daring, but I find lighter colours work on me and circular style shapes work better too.  I am not sure how closely you have to follow the rules for picking out eyeglasses.  These pair are actually a slight bit different from each other..but it is very sutble.  Colour is different.  For those with eyeglasses, how do you pick out your glasses?  Do you tend to pick similar styles, or go crazy and take a chance with a totally different look? Maybe it's my toned down look...

It's good that it's warmed up, I wasn't at my best this weekend.  But, I heard that it 's supposed to cool down in the new few days.  Let's hope that this is the one time that the weather forecasters are wrong!

Accumlated snow plowed from the streets.

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