Monday, February 7, 2011

Livingston Springs- Photos by Nowell Senior

I'd thought I'd share a couple photos that our Hiking Club President, Nowell Senior took on the Livingston Springs Hike:

Now, just where are those springs?

You can read his trip report on the snowshoe trip at  He is an excellent story teller and has published a Children's Book about the Ancient Forest near Prince George.


  1. That is a gorgeous picture of the little cabin with all that snow piled on its roof. I would love to have been there. Have never had the opportunity to snow shoe, though I did extensive walks over frozen lakes in -30C temperatures during a teaching stint in far northern Ontario.

    Thanks for visiting I Cycle Hamilton also...


  2. All of your posts make me want to move up to Canada and be outdoorsy. Growing up in the South, I never participated in any winter sports like snow shoeing or skiing or iceskating or anything, and now that I'm in Chicago, I would love to go for a winter weekend getaway for something like that in Wisconsin, but it seems so overwhelming to get all the equipment and learn how to use it. I can hike, though! So maybe it's just a matter of putting the snow shoes on?

  3. Snowshoeing is fairly easy to do. Our club had a snowshoe clinic which was a good way to learn about the types of snowshoes and the basics. Basically, it's like walking, but on top of snow. Some snowshoes are better for fresh deep snow then others. Each design has it's purpose, ie staying on top of snow, or hiking up a mountain, etc.

    I've walked on fresh powder and I was up to my knees in it! I can't imagine how much deeper the snow would have been without it.
    I suppose snowshoeing is more intense then just walking.

    I tell you, if a person wants to lose some weight, snowshoeing is great for that as we figured out that during our Livingston Springs 4 hour snowshoe, we would have burned over 3000 calories!

  4. Ok, you have me!! Your last paragraph is exactly what I need!



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