Saturday, February 26, 2011

A fun surprise!

It's been a surprising week for me.  First came the free bus ride on Wednesday, then came the unexpected surprise on Friday.

Friday was going to be another Friday for me, relaxing at home after a busy week.  I really don't mind doing that as sometimes I am really exhausted.  Well, my plans instantly changed when a customer at work dropped off an envelope for me and co-worker, Darleen.  In it were 2 tickets to the Toby Keith Concert which was on last night!  It's a good thing that I had nothing planned!
Surprise night out for me!

I am not a fan of country music, although I don't hate it.  But it wouldn't be right not to use the tickets as they were worth at least $100 each.  I think that's the biggest 'tip' that I've ever received in my life!  And it got even better.  Our seats were in the stands, but when we got there, one the ladies gave us 2 tickets for the floor!  Couldn't refuse that offer.

We went out for Chinese beforehand, so I didn't have much free time after work.  I am glad that I decided to bike to work that day as I could get home quickly after work.  It was actually was good riding, the main street was bare.  It was -22 but without a severe windchill, so it was not too cold on the face.  (It's now warmed up to -11 and SNOWING again!)

I've been biking on and and off this week, as it was too cold for me when the windchill was high.  I actually gave in and took a cab to work on Thursday which I guess is still good as it's carpooling.  I only have used a cab twice this Winter which I think considering how long it's been going on this Season, is pretty good.  I am just getting tired of the cold!  I can take the snow any day over the severe windchill.

Anyways, it was an entertaining night, we had 3 groups performing for 3 hours.  George Canyon, who is Canadian, was the second singer.  I really liked the Hockey Song and his version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. Here's a clip of the Hockey song, which is unofficially Canada's second national anthem:

Toby Keith

Toby Keith was great, he put on a neat light show!  The music wasn't too bad.  I really liked the sax player, trombone,and banjo!

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