Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ok, tired of Winter!

The sun was out but it was -32c!  Hard to want to leave the house.
I'm so done with Winter.  During the last week the temperatures went up to about 0C and then down to -32C yesterday.  I've been walking to work and taking the bus home as I haven't felt like taking the bike out.  It's a good thing that I had bought some bus tickets so I can use them whenever needed.  It was actually nice walking to work in the morning as long as I kept moving.  My mp3 player though, lost power the other day on my way to work and I thought that it had died.  I had taken it with me when we snowshoed at the Ancient Forest and I thought I damaged it doing that as the snow was so deep.  But after plugging it for a bit, it started charging and the screen turned on! Whew, I guess the subzero temps sucked all the power out of it.

I am a bit hesitant to use it walking in cold weather, but it keeps me walking a steady pace and makes me forget about the cold.  My other RCA one last 4 years in all kinds of weather so they must take some abuse!

I didn't feel like leaving the house yesterday as it was -32 c in the morning!  But I needed to buy some new eyeglasses and food.  I finally left the house at 1pm when it warmed up to -22.  I took my bike and it felt good.  I had a problem with v-brakes though, the rims froze up and the v-brakes were useless!  First time that this has happened.  I also struggled trying to lock it where I buy my eyeglasses, so I ended up not locking it and placing in front of eyeglass shop.  I was struggling with the lock in the cold.  I guess it's because I'm so tired of the cold!  I locked it ok though at the food store, but the lock seemed extra hard to work that day, I suppose having some de-icer on hand might help.

I did have some good moments though, I got 2 pairs of eyeglasses for a good price.  Shopping for glasses is challenging at the best of times.  I will order more contacts later on.  It's still good to have backup glasses even though I wear contacts a lot.

I love showing off my Country with these mitts!

And I bought 2 pairs of Canada gloves at HBC.  My wool ones are getting a bit worn.  These aren't wool, but are so warm!  I have a pair left from the Olympics too, almost the same.

I decided to opt out of snowshoeing today as I needed a break.  I may not even leave the house today.  It's nice having a lazy day during cold weather.  It'll be a another week or two before I snowshoe again, but I can find other ways to keep me busy.

Speaking of busy, last weekend I did a Geocaching interview with Laura at  It wasn't actually for her website, but for the Legion Magazine.  Laura is a freelance writer from Ottawa, and she advertised on Twitter looking for Canadian Geocachers to interview.  Thanks to my Sister-in-Law, Christina, I got the gig!  Some of my photos will probably will be published too.  I will put a link here when it is published.  I am hoping the one with use geocaching with bikes will be one of them..I want to show others how much fun it is to bike and geocache!

Latest Postcrossing postcard that I have received.

I've been busy Postcrossing too.  So far I have mailed 5 postcards out in total, and received 2 back.  One from Thailand, and one from Seaside, Oregon.

So come on Spring!  I hope that this is the LAST of the cold weather.  I know other bloggers out there are feeling the same way.  Are you tired of Winter?  I know Spring will be so enjoyable, I miss riding my Rocky Mountain and I am sure it hates waiting in storage.

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  1. I hear ya! I used to never find February boring or frustrating but this year, for some reason, I'm tired of it. Really tired of it!



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