Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bikes + Geocaching= So much fun!

I was invited to join hiking friends out for a geocache search on bikes. Wondering what Geocaching is?  Click here for more info.   Basically, it's a high tech treasure hunt.   I couldn't resist joining them so here are some photos of the afternoon.  When we first started, we couldn't find the first 2.  One was just brushy for comfort (and steep) and the other just didn't dig around enough.  But then, I changed our luck.  We were looking for a mini cache downtown.  We spent quite a while looking in pipes, under ledges, trying to find the cache.  Darned if we were going to give up on it!   Someone actually had found it yesterday, so we knew it was there.  I found it hidden  in a good spot (won't give away so others can be challenged finding it) and it took me quite a while to find it.

In the photo below, Melanie searching for a cache in the old Bay parkade, downtown.  She eventually found it.  I never thought I'd be digging my hands in every nook and cranny of this place....

 Some caches hints had to be decoded, and that way my job!  It helped us find one of the caches.  Below, we found one that was easy to find, and my friends bumped into a mountain biker that they knew, so we had  a little social time!

 We then went on to the Heritage Trail, under the railways, where we found this cache.  There are very creative ways to hide them! I didn't find this one, but I did find another one that was near here.  (in a toothbrush holder!)

We went to Fort George Park and found one.  There was another that was supposed to be on a tree, and I climbed it!  Nothing found, but it had been recently pruned, so it might have fallen off during pruning.  I'll post a pic taken of me on the tree when I receive it from my friends. But we did find the one below. That is what remains of the fort that once stood, before it burned down in the 70s.

 Lastly, I found this cute cache! We were going to stick one of my friend's bunny toys in it, but too big.  As you can see, this one already came with a bunny. This particular bunny one was painful, as there were ants galore in the bush!  I got some all over me!!  Ouch, ouch, ouch...  After this one, we found one near my home (after trying to find one on Connaught hill, but scared off by the multitude of ants)

What a fun day!  I hope to get to do this soon again.  It's really a different way to enjoy riding your bike.

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  1. What a fun idea! I would love to do something like that :)



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