Saturday, May 22, 2010

New bike shop in town.

Ruckus is a new bike shop in town, and they are a sponsor of Tour De Jasper.  I think that it's great to have another bike shop in the City,  it gives people a big choice of bicycles to purchase and offers more competition.

I bought my bike at Koops which has been in PG for many years.  That's where I get my bike tuned up yearly and purchase some bike accessories at.  I will be getting them to tune up my bike this July before my big road trip just to be sure the bike is in good shape for a long ride.

But I do admit that I also bought some items that I need for Tour De Jasper at Ruckus, as they give all tour participants 10% discount on items.  I am torn though, is it ok to purchase items at different places?  I bought my Basil bags online from Curbside which is in Toronto and some of my bike accessories at MEC in Vancouver.  Locally, I like both Koops and Ruckus, they both give excellent customer service.  I even like Northern Hardware which also has an awesome bicycle department with some good quality bikes like Norco.  (no cheap stuff like Canadian Tire, Walmart, etc...)

Do you purchase everything at one store, or shop around? 

Here's a couple photos I took at Ruckus, the first one is of the owner and the friendly dog.  (Koops also has a resident dog) The dog and store mechanic  from Ruckus will be on Tour De Jasper.  The store sells some pretty nice Brodie bikes...


  1. Cool! I love local bike shops :)

  2. I have a few regular stores. There's a volunteer-run shop, "The Bike Kitchen", at UBC that I buy my tubes at. Although after I bought tires with a kevlar belt I haven't needed any tubes... I get my brake pads and chains at Mountain Equipment Co-op, usually replaced twice each every year. All other parts I get from a place in Vancouver called The Bike Doctor, since they can order in pretty much anything for my Devinci.



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