Saturday, May 8, 2010

Salmon Valley 80 km ride and some nostalgia

I biked the most that I've ever biked at one time!  I rode a total of 81 kms (49 miles).  I left town at 10ish in the morning and returned home at 3:05pm. Just after leaving Salmon Valley on my way back to the City, a sporty cyclist passed me (and said hi), so not the only one out there today on the roads.  When I got back into town, I didn't go straight home, I took the long way via the Cottonwood/Heritage trail.

Here's some of the Salmon Valley area that I explored.  I was here last year in June, but I didn't return to town in the same day.  The river is the Salmon River which is a great place to swim in the Summer.

Now for the nostalgia part.  Since I was in the area, I biked to our second home in Prince George, on the Northern end of town.  Our family lived here from 1979-1995 (I moved out in 1989)  I dropped by some old friends of my Sister, and they were so happy to see me!  They say 'hi' to the family.  And here's our house that Dad helped build...those were good days..good area and lots of trails to hike around on.

All in all an awesome day, despite how sore I am now.  It was worth going out, and I won't have to go on the hike tommorrow.  This was a much more interesting trip and will get me ready for the 65km (each way) ride to Purden on the Victoria Day Weekend (22-24 of May) and the long bike ride to Jasper this summer where the average distance ridden will be a staggering 110 kms!!  (68 miles)

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