Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plants in my bags and a nice note

Today, I finished one of the Social Cycling Summer Game's events.  I say hi to lots of fellow bikers, but since I have a harder time taking a photo then, I opted to drop a nice note on someone's bike.  I found this bike at the local grocery store, (it's coincidently also a Rocky Mountain), and left a nice note on it.  The note mentions about the local Critical Mass, and I added a nice personal note to it.  I leave these Critical Mass notes on all bikes that I see, even to bicyclists that I meet at lights.  A nice way to let people know about Critical Mass.  Riding the CR this Friday will help me complete the second event.  :)

I like my Basil bags.  Even though I have a hybrid bike, they look great with my bike!  I get lots of good comments over them.  They hold a lot of food, or other items, I am actually amazed at times HOW much they hold.  I just wanted to be different and stylish in my own way.  Though I have to admit,  I'm prepping for a multi-day bike tour this Summer, so I've bought some spandex shorts and bike gloves and am wearing them to get used to them before the trip..  Around town, I wear street cloths usually.

Anyways, the bike bags are very versatile!  I carried a Poinsettia to work the other day.  It lost a couple branches, but it'll be ok.  I want a trailer sometimes, like a Croozer cargo trailer, but have resisted buying one so far.  Here's my bike with bags carrying the plant.

 For those new to my blog, my bike is a 2008 Rocky Mountain Hybrid bike, which is actually built in Canada!  Except for perhaps needing a chainguard, it's awesome. I have already almost 3000 kms on it (1864 miles)  I would like to get a beater bike for winter and perhaps a Bike Friday fold up one day.  Always got to have bike dreams.  :)


  1. Great idea to share a note about Critical Mass, Carolyn! Can't wait to read about that ride. :)

  2. Great way to use the note to spread a message. Also a good way for the note not to be stalker-creepy. I've been trying to figure out what I could leave on a note that wouldn't worry anybody :)

    I'm not fast enough with my camera to get a pic at a red light, either :) I think that particular challenge will be a lot of stories w/o pictures.



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