Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evening ride

I like Spring evenings.  The days are getting longer so I don't want to always stay home after work.  Since we've had awesome weather (18 c 54 f) and the blossoms are out, I thought I'd enjoy a casual ride around town.

Here's Connaught Youth Centre, where I used to go to Air Cadets when I was a teenager.  Someone painted a nice mural on the wall, it shows our city.

Got to have a photo of me bicycling, so here it is, well, an evening shadow of me and my bike!

This is the older part of the city, and it's one of my favourite areas, with it's character houses and big trees lining the streets.

And this is Fort George Park.  When I was growing up in the 70's there really was a fort in it, but it burned down.  Great park for events and just hanging around.  The heritage trail goes through here too.

I hope the good weather stays for the Victoria Day weekend, which is next weekend.  I want to bike out with friends to Purden Lake, which is 65 kms out of town.   Would stay the night and then bike back, for a total of 130 kms!

And after that is Bike to Work Week which is from May 30-Jun 6., which I can't wait for.  I was going to volunteer, but they are only keeping booths open till 11am, and I will be at work in the mornings.  :(

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