Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Upgrading bike for long ride

I am finding that prepping for a bike trip not only involves practice beforehand, but spending of money, a bit of it.  There's the bike shorts, bike gloves, pedal clips, water bottles, tent (well, bought for hiking too).  And now, I think I need to upgrade my handgrips on the handlebars.

Why do I need to, you ask?  I find them annoying.  They are comfortable, but they keep shifting position so that the grip is not in correct spot, and I have to keep readjusting them, like I am revving a motorcycle up!  And I don't have a motor on my bike.  I don't want people to think that I am a wimp and have a motorized bicycle.  LOL!!  Not to mention that it would be seriously annoying to keep on shifting them around for 4 days straight on my bike ride to Jasper, it's not acceptable!

I was going to see if they could be glued down, but bike shop said it would be better to get a new set, ones which have a clamp on them that you screw tight so the grips won't budge.  I'm happy about that, but don't want to spend extra money quite yet.  I will get some and install them before I do my long weekend bike trip to Purden Lake.

I've read about other people being particular about their bike parts, ie saddle, pedals, and now I can see why it's good to be fussy about parts.  My current ones just don't work for me, so I need something better then the ones that came with bike.  After biking to Jasper, I may also find that I don't like my saddle, who knows!  I thought I wasn't so fussy with the previous bike I had, but then I remember I had changed the pedals as I hated the plastic ones that it came with when I bought it.

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