Monday, May 24, 2010

PG Farmer's Market

I was going to be biking 65 kms out of town to Purden Lake and stay the night, but after it snowed on Friday, I decided not a good weekend to do that.  My fingers would freeze!!  And it wasn't going to warm up much except on Monday.

I decided on Saturday Morning, to make it to the local Farmer's Market as I had some free time to spend there.  Last weekend, I was Geocaching, so only had a few moments to hang around.

It was still cold and miserable on Saturday, but no snow fell.  I think a lot of locals didn't go camping and stayed home as there was quite a few people attending the Market.  A lot of people come by bicycle, but this is the only bike rack around.  Many lock their bikes to street lamps, and signs.  I was lucky enough to find a spot in the rack.

I had some coffee and soup in this fairly new cafe in the new
B&B music building.  Their previous building burned down a few years ago.  (Including another coffee shop)  It's good to see such a nice new building there..the cafe is nice.

The cafe has nice views of the market (and courthouse).  There is even seating outside which seems to be a rarity in PG, but it was much too cold to enjoy a cup of coffee outside.  Brrrrrrrr.

I love markets, and I love visiting some when I travel.  I remember when I was in NYC last year, how I 'bumped' into one in one of the burbs...

I also bumped into many hiking friends this weekend, this is Gertrude.  Her sister, Peggy, will be joining me on Tour De Jasper and also will be biking across Canada in Sept, for the Sears Kid's with Cancer ride.  Here's she's waiting for some tasty bannock, which is a native American bread, to be prepared for her.   Below, is the new indoor part of the Market, now it'll be running all year around!

Here are some Fiddleheads that I bought at the Market.  They are immature Ostrich Ferns and they are tasty, have a nutty flavour.  They are the only safe ferns to eat.  They are only safe to eat when they are immature like this and the safest way to eat them without getting sick, is to boil them.  I've never had a problem as long as I boiled them.  They are a local delicacy, although apparently the Japanese cultivate and eat them too.

Lastly, on the same day, I bought groceries and biked my regular route home, on this new bike path..we have very few in town, but the ones we do have are pretty awesome!

I still have one more day off, Monday is a stat holiday in Canada...and I may go for a ride as it's warmer outside...:)


  1. Snow!? Oh, my goodness. Poor Canadians. At least you got to enjoy the farmer's market and put your awesome panniers to good use :)

  2. Cool there's a path along Hwy 97 now. (last time I was in PG in the summer was 2004, and before that, 2001... don't remember seeing it there before)



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