Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Hike: Coffeepot.

It was a great day to go out hiking.  I missed last weekend's hike as I chose to bike to Salmon Valley and back.  But I couldn't miss this one.  24 people decided to join the hike.  After a short drive, we parked at the base of Coffepot.  Apparently if you look from a distance, it really looks like a coffepot.  (I wonder if Sugarbowl mtn. looks like a sugarbowl?)

It turns out that the short hike up coffeepot doesn't involve a trail, but bushwacking through devil's club and loose bolders.  I wouldn't want to attempt this in summer when devil's club in full bloom.  (Devil's club thorns are quite nasty, hence the name)

Great views up top! 

Here Hillary (the hike leader) is reading an excerpt from Mike Nash's  Exploring Prince George, about Coffeepot.

And the REAL reason it's named Coffepot.  ;)

As we were going down, I kept saying positive stuff, like there are no ants, hardly any mosquitos, and we are heading DOWN, not up.  LOL!!   Actually, it wasn't that bad going down, in fact it was very very quick!

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