Friday, May 28, 2010

May Critical Mass and Social Cycling

Tonight PG had its Critical Mass ride.  I was hoping for more riders, but it was still an ok turnout.  I've been making sure to post adverts on bikes and to mention it to other bicylists when I can.

I am not sure how many came today, maybe around 16?  Still, good times had by all.  Someone brought balloons, so we would stand out more.  That was a great idea!  I was thinking about decorating my bike, but never got around to it.

The guy below has almost the same bike and the exact same tires.  He has 5000 kms on the tires, so I know how long mine will last now, till next Spring..then I will replace them.  Good to know!  I first met him at last year's Bike to Work Week.

I only took photos at the beginning meeting  point as then after, my camera batteries soon died. (!)  I should remember to change them.  :)

And there I am in the fleece top.  On the left,with the green helmet, is Jillian, who organized PG's Bike to Work Week on her own with the help of the City..Bike to Work Week starts on Sunday.

With the ride tonight, I have completed another LGRAB Summer Games event.  Woot!  After the ride, we went to to some nice bar/restaurant downtown.  It's a pretty new place and I like it.  I will be back..this was my first time there.  Anyone reading that was on the ride remember what the place was called?  It's not in the phonebook yet.   Thanks to all that join in on the fun! See you next month.  (we really need another group ride- tweed ride anyone?)   I'd have to buy some Tweed, mind you.  :)

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