Friday, August 12, 2011

Biking around Vancouver- Every bike's dream

I'm at the end of my 2011 bike adventure, well the touring part anyways.

We decided to stop biking at Chillwack as there was no quick easy way into Vancouver.  We were pretty close though.  I heard that the local bike clubs are working on trails to connect all the way from the outskirts to downtown Vancouver.  I can hardly wait!
Bicycle at Cultus Lake
I have spent the last few days exploring the City by bicycle.  And what exciting exploration I've been having!  I have been all over the city from the North Vancouver, across Lion's Gate Bridge a few times, riding around the Seawall, biking with friends to Chinatown, biking over to Granville Island, and up to MEC on Broadway and to my favourite Bird food shop also on Broadway.  I've been really racking up the miles.  I think I'll be keeping my biking metabolism up for a while.  I'm going to write to the City of Vancouver to let them know how much I love the bike routes/paths.  It makes riding downtown feel safer for a rider who is not used to riding in a big city.

Squirt enjoys the ride on the Seabus

Granville Island Farmer's Market
As you can see, I will need a new kickstand.  This one couldn't handle the weight. I want to get a Click Stand kickstand   ( )and it's only $10 or so more then the one I have been using. This one is better suited for touring.

Today I biked over to MEC so I could do an interview with friend for a bike article that she's doing.  She couldn't believe that I biked all the way there from North Vancouver.

I biked with my Sister-in-law after she finished work

Biking the Seawall
I'm showing Squirt the sights of Vancouver
I've been researching about packing the bike in a bike box.  It seems the boxes that Amtrak sells are a nice size and I don't even have to take the pedals off.  (the attendant looked at my bike that I had brought in.)

Here's a few photos that another bike blogger took when he packed his bike up with those boxes:

This shows the box all ready for travel. You can see how big it is.

Bike in Amtrak Box

I'm sure it'll work out.  I like this option, not as much work.  I just need a way to bring box home after trip as it might be worth keeping to use when I go to Vancouver next time.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Vancouver. Hope you saw lots. We're downtown by the Seaside path.

    Yes, it's lovely. :)

  2. I really loved biking down that path. I am sure I biked 100 kms at least while I was there! Can't wait until I can bring my bike down that way again. You are so lucky living near the path.



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