Sunday, August 21, 2011

More biking/geocaching adventures...

Things are slowly returning to normal.  Well, sort of.  I don't go back to work until tomorrow.  I've been enjoying my holidays.  After returning home, I crashed for a few days.  Then I wanted to bike again!  Seriously, I so wanted to bike.  I biked out of town on Friday and yesterday I joined my geocaching friends and did some geocaching with my bike.  We found 16 caches yesterday in a series of them, but have to return to find more of them.  We just didn't have the time to find all of them in one day. I am glad I brought 2 bottles of water as I needed it.  My friend's only had 1 each and soon ran out.  I learned from the bike tour, carry LOTS of water!

I was going to geocache on the bike tour, but realistically it would have been challenging.  I wouldn't want to look for caches out of the way as that is more energy burned and you don't want to burn more on a trip like that then you have to as you can only carry so much extra food to keep you going.  Plus, I was more concerned about completing each day's 100+ kms then stopping anymore then I had to.  It's ok if I was on more of a relaxed trip and didn't have to ride so far every day.  I'd love to bike down the Sea to Sky Highway and geocache too, for example.  I'd break it into 2 days at least.

Nice day to Geocache!

It is very easy biking up hills without much of a load on it, what a difference a light bike makes!  I was way ahead of my friends going up the hill.  I of course was very hungry while doing it, I had to snack lots. I think despite having finished the tour a week or so ago, that I am still in tour mode and my metabolism is still way higher then normal.  According to my friend's weight scale yesterday (which they say is pretty accurate) I am still losing weight.  Wow..with all the biking I have been doing since I finished the tour, I may be keeping the momentum going for a while.  Another friend said that I'm addicted to adrenalin, and think that's true.  I want to keep on biking, and not just in town.  Hmmm, interesting, I don't get that bad when I do a hiking trip.

It is a wonderful feeling to be in such good shape, a person just has to go through the 'break in' stage of hurt.  Even though I was in good shape before the trip, I still had to have a break-in period. My riding buddy, Jim, said that I won't continue losing weight if I rode across Canada, the body would eventually adjust.  I have only so much weight to lose!  I'll enjoy this rush for as long as I can...

Though today, I'm going to relax.  Well, I do have to ride around to get groceries, so today's rest day will still involve some bike in it.  I love not having a car!

**8:28pm update.  I forgot about the joke Jim made when I started biking with him from Jasper.  I'd better be careful entering a pool hall after this trip as they may mistake me for a pool stick, I'll be so thin!  LOL!!

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