Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Riding Continued...

Bridge in Kelowna
The continuing adventures of Squirrel and Bunny:

We left at about 10 am after a hearty breakfast at Lucianne's.
It was hot, but the breeze behind our backs kept us cool.  It was good riding despite it being 30 c.  I wasn't as hot as I thought that I might be.  I of course drank a lot of water and bought some powerade at one point to help out energy wise.

Breakfast at Lucianne's before we rode to Penticton

Army Cadet Camp in Vernon

Army Cadet Camp
 As we came through Kelowna,  I found the correct side to cross the big bridge there, but Jim did not.  He had to cross a little bit up the way.  I just used the pedestrian lights and walked across.  Easy to miss the no biking signs though, I almost did what Jim did too.

It was a long day for riding.  We left a message with another helper from Tour De Jasper and eventually he got our message.  After a grueling 145 km ride, we made it to Penticton! I did pretty good energy wise despite the many hills.  I think the powerade helped.

Traffic was backed up in Winfield due to an accident.  It was quicker biking then driving at that point.

Leaving Vernon this morning

Osprey nest by Okanagan Lake
Tomorrow we bike to Princeton which looks like another long ride.  Boy my bum is sore!   I think that the weather will be nice again, unlike back home which has been rainy and only 14 c!  I am glad to get some sun in.

Here is a map of where we rode today, all 145 kms of it!  Actually probably less then 120 kms according to Google.  Hmmm.

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And here is what we will be doing tomorrow, 111 Princeton:

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  1. I'm sure having fun reading about your adventures Carolyn!! Safe journey to Vancouver and have a great time!



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