Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Bridal Falls

I'm in Bridal Falls which is about 130 kms West approx from the East Gate part of Manning Park where we stayed last night. I had lunch at Mcd'S in Hope. Had large sized BM meal w shake to give me some much needed energy which I was sorely lacking.

Yesterday it was a tough 97 kms going up 2 serious hills and a few more not so serious.. There is NO hill too big that I can't conquer! Damn those passes! ;)

I could have made it to Chilliwack but too tired! Only 15 kms away darn! Tomorrow we either ride to Chilliwack or to Cultus Lake for a much needed rest before our final leg to Vancouver on Sat.
Very $$$$$ camping here at $22 /per person!

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