Sunday, August 28, 2011

Geocaching where mountain bikes roam

Melanie makes it to the top of UNBC hill
This past Saturday, I joined up with Melanie and Peter (Geocognita) and completed a series of caches near UNBC.  We had 40 more to complete!

I'm all ready to do some more geocaching, bring it on!

After meeting up with them at their place, we rode up to UNBC.   The hill that takes you up to the university is definitely good for training, either by biking up or on foot. It was easier going up it today as it was a bit cooler then last Saturday.

Peter biking up UNBC hill
We hit the trails soon after arriving at UNBC.  I find it challenging biking over the wood chips on my hybrid.  But it is doable.  I just walked up some of the hills as it was hard to keep momentum.
Walking bikes up the hill
We had a pretty good pace going for finding the geocaches as for most of them, we knew where to look and what we were looking for.
Some cool Geocache swag!

We completed the rest of this particular series in record time!  I am glad though, that we did start out earlier in the day.

I was also glad that we kept our helmets on while searching for geocaches at one point as a Squirrel high up on a tree was chucking acorns down!  We needed protection from them.  I guess since I'm Squirrel, I'm allowed to chuck things off from the top of trees.  :)

Large mushroom on the trail

Lunch Break at the Greenway Half-way point
My bike got pretty muddy this day.  One thing that I found out is that fenders are not a good thing on a trail.  Every time we went through a wet muddy patch things would get stuck in my fenders.

My bike handled Mountain Bike territory pretty well
But my bike survived the back trails that are meant for a mountain bike.  I think my Rocky Mountain Hybrid has some mountain bike in it!  After leaving the trails we got to enjoy a nice ride down some country lanes on Cranbrook hill.
Ending the geocaching with a ride on Cranbrook Hill

We biked to Peter and Melanie's house and we cleaned the bikes.  I don't have a hose where I live, so I gave the rims a good clean and dried the frame with a cloth.

I noticed while cleaning that the stitching is coming out of the seat.   It's definitely time to get a new seat this year!  It has lasted for 7600 kms, which I think for a $30+ seat, is pretty good!   I guess I will duct tape the seams so it holds together for a while longer.

Stitching where fingers are is coming out
Thanks Peter and Melanie, for an awesome day!  I think that Squirt enjoyed it too.  There are still more in the area that I must find still, but that's for another day.  It was good seeing much of the area where we snowshoed in the Winter.   Speaking of Winter, we noticed that in many areas, the plants are turning colour, a sure sign of Autumn nearing.  Darn!  We didn't get much of a Summer this year.  (not that I've had a bad Summer, I had an AWESOME one)

I was debating whether or not to do a Ramblers hike to Viking Ridge today,  but I've decided that since I biked quite a bit on Saturday and got a good workout, that I'll just hang around home town.  Besides, I could use a sleep in!  Those early morning wake-ups during the week were not much fun after being away from work for over a month.

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