Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Rainy Summer?

The June Critical Mass was a rainy one
Last Summer was the Summer of extreme rain.  Lots of flooding.  This Summer is turning out to be much of the same. There's still 2 1/2 weeks until Tour De Jasper starts, but will the rain clear up in time?

Tour De Jasper starts on July 18

Last night we had our Critical Mass.  Despite the rainy evening, people still showed up and we had a good time!  I enjoyed our dinner at Nancy O's.

Despite the ongoing rain, I will still help out on Tour De Jasper, even if it is another rainy one.  Got to keep the spirit of biking alive. 

Saturday has been full of heavy downpours
I was going to do a training ride today, but the downpours have scared me off I admit. I am glad that we did the bike camping trip last week when the weather was not too bad.

I wonder how the weather on the Pacific Coast -specifically in Oregon and Northern California, has been?  Wet too?  Cooler then normal, or normal?  I'm really curious.  I've got some waterproof Ortlieb bags so I'll be prepared for any weather that I encounter this Summer.  And lots and lots of drybags, and ziplock bags.

I must say though in some ways I do prefer cooler rainy weather (just not the serious downpour) then the very hot and humid weather of back East.  I wouldn't do very well in it.  For example, I am glad that it was rainy and cool last Summer when I did 150 kms over Roger's Pass as it made it more bearable. I can't imagine having done it in 30 plus Celcius in blazing sun without risking heat exhaustion and sunburn.  Which is why I'm not riding in Arizona or New Mexico in August no matter how nice it is down there.

 Bought some nice Ortlieb Front Rollers Plus panniers
 I'll be prepared for whatever weather I get this Summer, that's the spirit that I must have!

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