Friday, June 15, 2012

Quesnel Pinnacles Hike

Rob talks about flowers on this hike
 Rob and Bonnie led 21 of us through the Pinnacles Provincial Park by Quesnel last Sunday.  It was another nice warm day for a hike.  It's a bit of a drive to go on this hike which isn't a long one, but it's worth it.

It always seems drier and warmer in Quesnel which I like, considering how much rain that we have been receiving lately at home.
The Pinnacles aren't that far in from the trailhead, so we hike further.  But we do check the Pinnacles out first! They are basically hoodoos.

Onward we go!

After a couple of hours walking through the forest, it's time for lunch.  This is a very casual hike, more like a social event.

Don looks towards the Valley
After lunch we walk back.  The trip leader, Rob, shows us some flowers.  We saw over 11 that day including this rare Lady's Slipper!

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