Friday, June 8, 2012

Fraser Mountain: A Ramblers's Hike

Kristine and her husband enjoying the nice views
Last Sunday, I went on another hike with the Ramblers.  Brendan was leading it this time.

Despite it being an infamous buggy hike, 19 daring souls showed up anyways.  It started out promising at the bottom with no bugs.
Tim having fun hiking
Gail taking photos of Lady's Slippers

Once we got up higher though, it was another story!  Still, I took the time to take photos despited being constantly harrassed by mosquitos and brown flies.
Jacob's Ladder
I climbed up the old rickety fire tower at the top.  Pretty soon, we won't be able to.  Perhaps it will even be torn down for safety's sake.  Afterwards I enjoyed my lunch.  I even gave my Mom a quick call telling her where I was.  There were some cell towers on the mountain, that's why there was such good reception!

Heading down, the bugs were worse.  We walked through clouds of brown flies.  Thankfully, they weren't found all the way down, only in massive patches of clouds.  Still, I had lots of achy bites the next day.

On my way down, I spotted this False Morel while searching for true Morels.  I didn't find any real ones unfortunally.  The false ones are generally not safe to eat.  I have a good eye for spotting them though!

I can't wait for the next hike!  Hopefully the weather improves as it's been very rainy all week.
False Morel

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