Friday, June 1, 2012

Leading the way to Fort George Canyon

(Copied from my post on the Caledonia Ramblers Website)

It was yet another fine day for a hike, and 21 eager hikers showed up for the hike to Fort George Canyon.

I led the group and Brendon helped me by keeping count of the group and following them as a sweep.  The mosquitos were out, and many had to spray themselves.  I was lucky and didn’t have to,  for this trip anyways.

At the beginning of the hike there were some wet and muddy spots on the trail, but soon it was dry.  We stopped for a break at the bench with the view.  As we couldn’t wait to enjoy our lunches by the River, we didn’t stay there very long.

We made the River in good time and decided to eat at our regular spot by the Sternwheeler stake as the river was high and there was almost no beach!  We sat for quite a while, enjoying the sun, before heading back to the cars.

Thanks goes out to all those who came, I had fun leading the hike.  And thanks Brendon, for helping me out, I am terrible at keeping track of such a big group, or rather counting them!
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