Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let the training begin!

Mary-Jo's Funky Bell, which I named Foxxy

Ok, it's time to get a bit serious about training for my upcoming adventures.  My hiking friends Mary-Jo and Paul are also going on Tour De Jasper this Summer and they invited me to join them on a training ride this past Saturday.

Waiting for my friends

The weather was perfect for it, so I took them up on their offer.  In fact, it was good to get used to riding in heat as I will be doing that this Summer.
And there they come!
 Soon, we left the City and rode up Highway 16 East, going up the same route that we ride up during Tour De Jasper.  We will be riding just over 60 kms (37 miles) return to just past Tabor Mountain and back.
We stopped a lot along to the way to keep hydrated which was a good idea as it was so warm.

 Soon, we arrived at the Box Car just past Tabor Mountain.  We had a quick lunch and then rode back home as the mosquitos were bad!

I developed a headache on the way back.  It was probably caused by my contacts...but perhaps also my helmet was too tight as when I loosened it, it felt better... ahhh..
Looking East where I will riding on Tour De Jasper this Summer
 Since I felt better by the time I got home, I went out and enjoyed an ice cream, I was craving it so much!

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