Monday, May 14, 2012

Bike Swap 2012: Vintage and Retro

It's fun volunteering!
While helping out at the local bike swap this past Saturday, I checked out some cool bikes for sale. I'm amazed that I didn't come out with anything as the deals were crazy.  There were even a few freebies in there, would you believe?  A percentage of the sales went to support the local bike club, but for some of the bikes, the whole sale price went to the club as a donation.

1970's DeeLite 5 Speed
I saw some neat vintage retro bikes that have been restored by a person I met recently at a Critical Mass.  Quite a few of them sold.  I'm sorry that I didn't get the info for all the bikes.  This is only a taste of what was there.

Good old Brooks Saddle

The 1941 Phillips has a very worn leather saddle..hard to believe that it's original! I like that it comes with child seat and child!  And an umbrella...

1941 Phillips

I wasn't planning on buying anything at the swap, but when I saw these studded tires for sale at only $30, I just had to buy it!  I would have easily spent over $100 to get them this upcoming Winter.  I have been meaning to get some but I have been cheap.  No excuses now!  These are Nokian Mount & Ground Studded tires and have 160 studs in each tire.  The reviews look great for them.

I can't wait until next year's Bike Swap. I may be tempted to buy a good used bike.  :)

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