Thursday, May 17, 2012

A warm Saturday bicycle ride

This past Saturday, I went riding with my hiking friend, Shae-Anne.  It was so nice warm again, who would want to stay inside?  It was warm enough to wear my shorts!  We decided to bike along the whole Heritage Trail.  On recent rides on it, I've only done part of the trail.

The River is getting high from all the snow melting, but it's not flooding, yet.

More people climbing the Cutbanks

I was impressed that it was paved in some new sections.  Not all of the trail is paved, but most of it is now.
After riding it, I headed home as I was tired.  I had volunteered at the Bike Swap in the morning and next day I'd be hiking at Chinlac.  It was such a great weekend! I wish it was as warm today as it was then.  Believe it or not, it SNOWED today!  I am NOT kidding you.  Here's hoping that this weekend will be a bit warmer


  1. Beautiful!

    But snow? Oh, how awful May snow would be for me. Here's hoping for more sunshine for you soon!

  2. Believe it or not, we had snow this past Friday too! :( Thankfully it warmed up on Saturday and Sunday. Not quite as warm and nice today, but way better then Friday. Saw blossoms on trees finally, an hour South of here.

    That's the only bad part of living up so far North, Summers are so short and the Winter seems to go on forever.....



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