Saturday, May 12, 2012

Checking out the local Bike Swap

On Sunday, May 12, the Prince George Cycling Club held it's 4th Annual Bicycle Swap.  This year, I volunteered for it.  It was a perfect day for it as the weather was finally really nice for bicycle riding.  I didn't bring any cash as I wasn't intending to buy anything, but I did walk out with something.  More about that later.

It was good to see a lot of people bicycling to the event.

Baxter is on the right, locked up
I remember the bike swap last year being very busy at the beginning, and this year, it was no exception!  The place was swarming with potential buyers.  Many of them wanted to try out the bikes before purchasing them.  One of my jobs was to take id from them, or something valuable so we wouldn't have to worry about stolen bicycles.  I also took in cash payments (that's all they accepted) and marked the sheets when a bike was sold.
Test riding a bicycle

There were some pretty sweet bicycles for sale!

This banana seat bicycle brings back memories of the 1970's. The blue bicycle in the background has uncommon elephant handlebars.
This was such a neat day, and I am glad that I could help out.  It's a good place to get a good used bike for a reasonable price.  This event is a lead up to the 2012 Bike to Work and School Week which starts on May 28 and runs until June 3.

I have taken so many photos of just some of the neat bicycles for sale, that I have to make a second post about it!  I'll wait a day or so to post it.  Hope you don't mind! I've got some real charming vintage and retro bikes to show you....

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