Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Squirrelgal was in Quesnel- geocaching, of course!

Squirrelgal was in Quesnel
Instead of hiking this past Sunday, I went geocaching with Peter and Melanie again.  This time we drove a vehicle to Quesnel to geocache as it's too far to bike for a day.

Squirrelgal is ready for some more adventure!
We found about 5 geocaches or so...we found some that we couldn't find the last time.
Peter is also ready for more geocaching adventures
We looked for some caches at the Pinnacles, which I usually hike with the Ramblers every Spring and may so in a few weeks.
Trying out a necklace that I found in a geocache

There were some nice flowers to be found there!

Saskatoon Flower
Afterwards, we had lunch in this Park in an area that I've never been before.  We found a few more caches there.

Lunch time beside old boiler
While driving to our next cache, I spotted a cyclist who looked familar. It was Deanna, my riding partner for this Summer's adventure down the Pacific Coast.  What are the odds?  I left a message on her phone about me being there as she wasn't home.  She rode 69 kms to get some Cinnamon buns, would you believe?  She's deep into her training.  I know I ride everyday, but I should do some distance soon.

We ended up chatting with Deanna for over an hour or so.

Thanks for the awesome day, Peter and Melanie!

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  1. Must say we (with my 4yo son) are loving the geocaching experience. Discovering ne wplaces and even some that I have been intending to visit for years but now I seem to have a reason. Jamie



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