Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hiking Piderny Trails

On Sunday, May 6, I joined my first hike of the season with the Caledonia Ramblers.  We were going to be hiking locally at Piderny.  You may remember that I lead a snowshoe there in February.

Pre-hike meeting behind City Hall
Twenty-three hikers showed up for the hike!  There are always huge amount of hikers at the beginning of the season because the hikes are fairly easy.  After the briefing at the meeting place behind City Hall, we all drove out to Piderny.

Soon we were on our way!  There was some climbing involved which I didn't mind.  It was already quite warm when we started hiking and I was so glad that I wore my shorts.  This is such a nice change from having to bundle up all Winter.

Soon we stopped at a spot at Nowell told us about his night time Moose encounter at that same spot in February.

You can view video of his story by watching this Youtube video that I recorded and posted:

After walking for a while more, we stopped for lunch.  It was so nice and warm!

After returning home, I went bicycle riding with one of the hikers. It was much too nice to stay indoors! My birds didn't even seem to mind that, which is good, as I feel guilty leaving them in their cages while I'm outside having fun.  Hopefully this is first of many warm Spring/Summer days.

You can view the Ramblers Trip report of the hike and view more photos by visiting the Rambler's Website.

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