Thursday, May 24, 2012

Business Cards for travels

It's still a few months until I am bike touring, but the preparations have been ongoing.

Today I ordered some free Business cards from Vistaprint.  I had to pay $9 to ship them, but for 250 cards, that's a bargain. There's a small advert on the back..but I don't mind.

I was going to make a custom one with my Squirrelgal Bicycle logo, but I cheaped out as I do not want to spend anymore then I have to before the trip.  But, I still have my shirt with the logo!  And this card does feature a path with looks like it could be ridden on a bicycle.  I think that it'll work.

I received my bike shirt last week from Zazzle, and I love it!  Last year when I bike toured, I handed out pieces of paper that I tore..with handwritten addresses of my website.  This year I'll have the shirt and hand out business cards.

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