Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day at Chinlac

Nineteen people joined the Ramblers for a hike on Mother's Day.  It was one first real warm days that we have had so far this year.   It was warm enough for me to wear a t-shirt and shorts for a lot of the day.  And the bonus was that there were no bugs (yet)

There were still some wet sections including this small creek that we had to cross twice.

We met up with this Mother Black Bear and her cubs.  She didn't move as there were 19 of us and 1 of her.  She did snort a bit when we stopped to take photos though.

Wet crossings

After walking along the Nechako River, we headed up to more dryer ground.

Nice to see some flowers
Pretty soon we walked through a burned out forest.  We hiked through the fire which happened at least 6 years ago.  The forest is coming back to life, here are some young pine trees which have sprouted up fast among the dead pines towering above them.
The burned out  forest is quickly rebounding
After having to walk over many dead trees we stopped for a lunch break.  Again, no bugs!  It was an enjoyable day to relax in the sun.

Time to relax during lunch break
Still, the lunch break didn't seem long enough and soon we were back on our merry way to walk the 7 kms out back to our cars.

As we headed out it reminded me of walking through a disaster zone from a movie.

Pretty soon it will be very hard to walk here as there are so much dead trees on the ground.  There's no way a crew could come out to clear it!  I am kind of sad a bit about that.   Dave K. did clear some of the trees along our way out to make it easier hiking for us.
Dave clears some of the trail for us

It was a great day to go out, I am so glad the weather was so nice.

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