Monday, May 28, 2012

Riding along the Nechako- May Prince George Critical Mass

Reminds me of Google car, but on a bike.

The last weekend of May, and the weather was awesome!  It was also going to be a busy weekend for me.  It started with the local Critical Mass ride on Friday night.  Although Bike to Work Week started on May 28, it was still part of the scheduled events on the local Bike to Work week website.

A total of ten people showed up, which is two more then last month.  My Geocaching friends, Peter and Melanie even showed up!

 We don't usually get a big attendance, but some is better then none! Apparently, posting about it on the blog helps as no one in town posts about it.  I am not sure that there's even another local Bicyclist blog.  I am glad that do then as it provides awareness for the City about Critical Mass and other Bicyclist issues.

For this month's Critical Mass ride, we rode along the Nechako River, which was really very nice.  I didn't take photos of the ride, but I wish I did as it's so nice along the River.

After the ride, which was longer this time, some of us went to Nancy O's afterwards.  I enjoyed a nice Irish Beer.  What a great start to the weekend.  More to come as my adventures had just started on the Friday evening.  Oh how I love Summer weather, our Winters are WAY too long!

Here's to Critical Mass

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